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Mando Rodriguez

In 1985, Mando Rodriguez opened the doors of Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio at the Eastside of El Paso, TX.

He started with a handful of students who were committed to supporting his dream of an independent dance studio. One year later, Mr. Rodriquez moved the studio to Kern Place on Stanton St. where it remained for 28 years.

With daily dance lessons, local showcases, competitions, and dance trips -- these events filled the year. Mando won multiple accolades for top teacher throughout the years. His students were consistently rewarded with their own awards. In addition, Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio had been awarded with Top Studio at numerous competitions.

In 2014, a decision was made to expand the studio to include a highly trained and skilled staff that could ensure the dancing tradition would continue for many years to come in El Paso.

Meet The Team

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